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First Night (Seductive Nights) by Lauren Blakely – My Review

Meet Clay Nichols:
“..the voice was rough and gravelly, and sent a charge through her with its masculine sexiness.”
“He was tall. He was broad. He had the perfect amount of stubble on his jaw line, and those eyes were to-die for – deep brown and piercing. Then there was his hair – thick, brown, and ideal for sliding fingers through. She didn’t want to take her eyes off him, but she knew better than to stare.”

Meet Julia Bell:
“…hot as sin with those curves, those breasts, and the perfect kind of hips that he’d like to get his hands on. Her hair was lush and reddish-brown. Her lips were full and ripe for kissing. As well as other things. But, more than that, she was feisty, with that smart mouth firing off innuendo with every word. She could dish it out, and she could take it.”

Clay and Julia are sexually dominant, confident and hot. They each know what they want and they go into this First Night with no expectations other than hot, steamy sex for some needed release. I love the interaction between the two of them, feisty and full of sexual innuendos. They seem to “get” each other from the beginning. They get into it right away; there is no romancing and no prolonged back and forth. They just go for it. The sex is hot and they each want to dominate and control, but they also know when to submit and let the other take control. I love Clay’s commands and dirty talk. Julia knows how to give it and she knows how to take it. This novella is all about their night of sex.

One of my favorite lines: “Do you want a Purple Snow Globe, Clay?” He met her gaze straight on, her green eyes so inviting. “If it’s a drink, no. If purple snow globe is a secret code word for something naughty, I’m game.”

This novella is the prequel to Night After Night, which is a full-length novel that will release on April 18th. It leads us into what we can expect, some really hot encounters between Julia and Clay, and I expect the unraveling of some issues. I am looking forward to Night After Night for more erotic sex between Julia and Clay, plus I am curious as to how they will solve their biggest dilemma ( I am not going to give this one away).

first night cover
First Night (Seductive Nights)