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My Review – My Take – My View

This is a beautiful short story. I won’t tell you what it’s about, the blurb will give you an idea.It’s a nice quick read for an afternoon delight. Two people finding each other and making decisions from the heart. True love will wait forever. Reed Adler is hot and the kind of boyfriend we all want. Enjoy!!

Intimate Inspection

Allyson Whitney has spent the past several days seeing to the myriad details of her client’s destination wedding. Yet another blissful beginning to someone else’s love-filled life and a poignant reminder of what is no longer in hers.

But Allyson hits a major delay on her trip home in the arms of a hot, sexy security agent named Reed Adler. A routine pass through airport security turns into an afternoon of exquisite ecstasy. One that might even change the course of her life.

A sizzling romp designed for mature readers over 18 due to sexual content.