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Resist by Heather C. Leigh



By Heather C Leigh

RELEASE DATE: August 9th, 2015

Meet Gavin in Heather’s newest M/M standalone romance!



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All Gavin Walker, bass player for the multi-platinum selling band, Sphere of Irony, wants to do is surf, play music, and occasionally get laid. The problem is that Gavin has a stalker. A potentially deadly one. The threats he receives always mention something about Gavin being gay, which isn’t public knowledge since the record label wants to keep it quiet.

Mitch Hale used to track serial killers for the FBI. A live-changing incident led him to quit the bureau and start his own company providing computerized security for Los Angeles’ wealthiest people. Mitch doesn’t know anyone when he moves across the country from D.C. to California, and all he has for companionship is a pathetic string of failed relationships with women.

When Gavin’s manager hires Mitch to find the stalker, the men instantly hate each other. Despite the constant fighting, attraction between the two blazes hot, confusing the former FBI agent. Spending time with Gavin forces Mitch reflect on what he’s denied about himself for the last ten years. Listening to Mitch’s plan to catch a madman thrusts Gavin’s personal life out in the open for the entire world to see.

Can Gavin and Mitch stop fighting long enough to stop a stalker before someone gets hurt? Or will they stubbornly resist the feelings that develop when they’re forced to work together?

This is book 3 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones.

resist teaser


“I need a drink,” I mutter to no one in particular.
Adam Reynolds must hear me complaining because he places what I assume is a Jack and Coke in my empty hand.
“Here you go, mate.” He grins and I can’t help but smile back. The man’s enthusiasm is infectious.
Gavin, the sourpuss, is currently glaring at me from across the room. So much for us being an item. In the car, Gavin’s excitement at pretending to be boyfriends to lure out his stalker and the accompanying smile he gave had me sprouting questionable wood for most of the drive. Now he’s reverted right back to being a little shit. Hot and cold.
“Thanks, but I’m working—”
“I’ll take it, honey.” Gavin swoops in, steals the glass, and downs half of it before I can blink. I stand there, paralyzed, while I watch his pink lips caress the edge of the glass. “Thanks, dear,” he snaps, pulling me from my gawking. Before I can reply he turns and stomps off to pout somewhere.
I’m annoyed at his attitude and the distance he’s kept between us tonight. What. The. Hell. No way is he going to up and disappear on me at another party. Especially after we paraded our relationship in front of the media to lure his stalker out of the shadows.
“Sorry guys,” I apologize to Adam and his wife, Ellie. I was happy to finally meet them both after everything Gemma had told me about the couple when I gave her Adam’s phone number last year. Now I have to cut our conversation short because of yet another Gavin Walker temper tantrum.
Weaving through the crowd at the club, I follow Gavin to the back hallway that houses the kitchen and bathrooms. Once I’m out of sight of the other guests, I grab a shocked Gavin’s upper arm and shove him into the men’s room.
“Hey! Quit being an asshole!” Gavin wrenches out of my grip, turning to sneer. “I’ll put you on your knees again, Hale!”
The thought of being on my knees in front of Gavin sends a flush of heat up my body. I can feel the fire in my cheeks and by the way Gavin’s eyes widen, I’m betting he can see it too.
“I’m not the one behaving like a brat!” I growl in a low voice. Ducking, I check to make sure no one else is in the stalls. Once I’ve made sure it’s clear, I lock the bathroom door.
“Brat?” Gavin shouts. “I’m a brat?”
“Yes, you’re a brat. Ever since we had our picture taken outside, you’ve been unbearable to be around!”
“You’re not the one whose entire life was just turned upside down out there!” he yells.
I step closer, more furious than I’ve ever been. “Are you kidding me? You are so unbelievably self-centered!” Those damn hypnotizing full lips fall open in shock. “I was just outed too, and I’m not even fucking gay!”
Without thinking, I grab either side of his head, digging my fingers into that thick, blonde hair, and crush my mouth over his. And it’s the hottest kiss of my life. Just, damn.



Incite (Book One) The Sphere of Irony Series

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Strike (Book Two) The Sphere of Irony Series

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About the Author: Heather C. Leigh

After growing up in New England, I currently live just outside Atlanta, GA.
I love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees.
I love hot, sexy romance novels, but hate long, drawn out misunderstandings as a plot line.
I love book series, but hate cliffhangers.
I love alpha males, but hate when they borderline on abusive.
Mostly? I love love love chocolate.

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Never Over You by Ryleigh Andrews

Cover Reveal



Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs

Cover Photography: Perrywinkle Photography

Release date: August 8th, 2015


Strange how life deals the cards sometimes …

Life was perfect for Mia Devereux.

“You can always have me, Mia. I’m always yours. Forever, suga.”

She had everything she always wanted.

But maybe life wasn’t so perfect after all.

One event threatens her happily ever after.

Will Mia revert to her old ways of dealing with her pain?

Or will she fight?

Or will the hurt simply be too much to handle?

Can she get past the pain and recapture the life she so desperately wanted?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]


Author Bio

During the day, Ryleigh is an analyst, but even then, she’s writing, sneakily crafting scenes on post-it notes. She’s been told she’s a bit of a geek…some say nerd. She’ll agree to it all. She loves music. It’s been a force in her life for as long as she can remember. Her love of Star Wars and superheroes has probably been going on just as long…see, this is where the geek/nerd thing comes into play. But, most of all, Ryleigh loves the written word. She’s been writing for a long time. Her first story came to her during one of her history classes. She wrote it in the margins of her notebook in teeny tiny letters so no one knew that she was writing a book instead of taking notes on 16th Century Europe. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and son, along with her Siberian Husky, Mick Jagger, and her cat, Winston Churchill.

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Bring Me You


Still Into You


Never Over You


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Betrayed by Tara Oakes

Betrayed, Book 3 in the Chianti Kisses series, is now available!
BETRAYED, is the third and final installment in theCHIANTI KISSES saga that follows the Lombardi andDiBeedetto families through their trials and tribulations.Dom and Vincenza, ( or”Baby V” as he likes to call her)’s, family have been joined since before they were born. Loyalty runs deep… so deep in fact that the two were betrothed- unbeknownst to V, who fell in love with her prince charming before learning the truth about just how “perfect” they were for each other.

Dom has proven his love for his Baby V time and time again. In BOSS, the second book in the series, he risked everything to keep her safe and honor the vows he made to her. The decisions and choices he made in order to provide that safety had cost him… cost him dearly. Dom was thrust back into the life and legacy he swore he would never be a part of.
Now boss of one of the most powerful crime families on the East Coast, Dom faces a whole new set of challenges.

But… this new power comes with a world of danger. When Dom uncovers a long held secret that has the power to destroy his family, his marriage, his business… everything that matters to him, what can he do?

Their love has been tested and survived what most wouldn’t be able to overcome. Now, with this very real threat fuming over him Dom must find a way to do the impossible… to make the difficult choices and uncover the truth behind the ultimate BETRAYAL.

You know what they say…
It ain’t easy being BOSS.
Betrayed can be purchased at Amazon


Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She’s a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she’s not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.

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Jesse by Jo Raven

Sexy dude

Release Day Blitz
JESSE (Damage Control 2)

by Jo Raven




Returning to Madison hurts. I thought I’d left my past behind, but the past goes on living. I carry it inside of me, it’s a piece of me. People have marked me in indelible ways and I drag the shreds of my soul behind me, trying to put my pieces back together. I’m not the Amber I used to be. I fly under the radar, try to be invisible.

It doesn’t always work. Drawing attention scares me. It always spells trouble. Returning to my home town is a last ditch effort to lay my demons to rest and start anew, for good this time.

Meeting Jesse Lee wasn’t in the plan. Yet here he is with his heart-stopping, sexy grin, handsome like a god, shining bright. He’s full of life, full of heat, packing the energy of a thousand suns in his gaze and muscular body. Jesse burns, and the pain of being near him is sweet.

But he’s foiling my plans. It’s hard to remain a ghost when he’s around. Hard to avoid his attention, to remain invisible. He sees me, really sees me, and behind his bright radiance, I can see shadows from his own past crowding in. He’s swimming hard to stay afloat even as he reaches for me.

What is he afraid of? And how can he save me from drowning when he can’t even save himself?

Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.
*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*


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Book 1 in the series is currently FREE!

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Passion woman and man



“Embers?” He lifts a dark brow, and I try to unstick my tongue from the roof of my mouth.

Kind of hard with all that muscled, male, inked flesh in full display in front of me. He’s shirtless, and oh God, his nipples are pierced. Silver hoops pass through the small brown nubs, gleaming. His bare chest is sculpted and hard, from his pecs to the cut abs and the fine dark trail of hairs leading into the waistband of his gray jogging pants.

Sweat glistens on his skin, on the colorful ink covering his arm, the swirls and lines dipping from his left shoulder down to a defined pec. A demon is tattooed there, stylized wings and a monstrous head, fading into the purple and blue of other, older-looking tats. And then of course there’s the cobra I noticed on his arm the other day.

“Hey,” I say vaguely, my brain on shut-down. I swallow hard, try again. “What does the cobra stand for?”

Both his brows arch now, eyes wide, their green-blue irises crystalline in the morning light. He glances down at his arm, then back at me. “What?”

“What does the snake stand for?” I wave in his direction, wondering if I should cut my losses, turn about and run away right frigging now. Being antisocial is one thing – seeing it in action is another.

As I’m about to turn and run, one corner of his mouth curls up.

“You’re funny,” he says, and it stops me in my tracks.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are, trust me.” He grins. “How about we start again. Good morning, Embers.”

If flames jump from my cheeks, it won’t surprise me. “Morning.”

“Would you like to come inside?” he says, that sexy grin lingering on his full lips. “There might be coffee.”

“No, thanks.” The need to flee is worse than ever, only I’m caught in his spell and can’t move. He’s staring at me, giving me a lazy, slow once-over, from the top of my head to my toes curling in my sandals.

“What, no pet name for me today?”

Oh God, what am I doing here? “Cut it out, Jesse. Don’t be an ass.”

I expect a witty comeback, but instead something shutters behind his bright eyes, and strangely, I feel guilt wash over me. He rubs a hand over his face and slumps against the doorframe, muscles rolling in his arms.

“This is who I am, Embers,” he drawls, closing his eyes. “What you see is what you get. I told you that you’d get tired of me soon.”

But for the first time, I’m not so sure about that.


Muscular Young Latino Man Shirtless In Jeans Sitting Against Con



Author Bio and links

Jo Raven writes New Adult contemporary romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of travelling.






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Cover Reveal Nothing’s Free by Dillion Kane

Nothing's Free by Dillion KaneDillion Kane Nothing's  Free Cover

Dillion Kane Nothing's  Free Cover 1 Synopsis My name is Contessa Martin. My life has been ups and downs, starting with my ass of a father who got messed up on drugs and decided it was a good idea to leave me as an orphan. He came home one day high and drunk, pulled out a gun and shot my mother and then himself. This was not something a five year old should witness.

After being tossed around for a couple years in between foster families, I was finally adopted. Many think this family didn’t want me, but what they don’t know is that they made me who I am today. I can be sweet and play the victim, but if I need to kick ass, well… let’s just say it happens. You will be shocked when you learn who I really am and how the love of one man changed everything.

Nothing's Free - 1 Nothing's Free Tears Nothing's Free Teaser 3 About Dillion Kane Dillion Kane is a 36-year-old male author hailing from Kentucky, USA. Besides owning his own successful business he has written several books and finally decided to give publishing a try with Nothing More. Dillion is single, having been previously been married at a young age. He enjoys the outdoors; riding horses (he has competed in several rodeos), as well as reading and writing. He has 2 brothers, Dean and Daniel who help him in taking care of their mother, because their father passed away a few years ago. As an animal lover Dillion has horses, cows, chickens, and 4 dogs. Above all Dillion loves to write and support other authors

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Just One Summer by AD Justice

Just One Summer


Title – Just One Summer

by A.D. Justice

Cover Designer – Cassy Roop

Expected Release Date – August 10th


Jagger York is the sexy, confident lead singer of a popular band who plans to take his music to the next level. Mali Greyson is a sheltered good girl who has her sights set on the gold–Olympic gold. Their paths would’ve never crossed until a mutual friend introduces them one summer night.

Jagger can give Mali the one thing she secretly wants and desperately needs–the courage to be a little wild and crazy. Mali can give Jagger the one thing he desperately seeks–access to her father, a well-known, music producer.

The deal is they both walk away at the end of the season. No strings, no regrets, and no looking back. This agreement is supposed to last for just one summer. But this one summer may just turn out to be too hot to handle.

Pre-Order Link


Author Bio

A.D. Justice’s debut novel is Wicked Games, A Steele Security Novel. It is the first of a five book series. The second book in the Steele Security Series is Wicked Ties. it continues the story exactly where Wicked Games ends. Each book is designed as a stand-alone from a character perspective, but reading from the beginning will give the reader a better sense of how the characters are connected. The premise of the series is based on a group of elite soldiers and their adventures with Steele Security.

A.D.’s second series is the Crazy Series and Crazy Maybe is the first book. It is not for the faint of heart – complex, real-life issues are addressed, with several twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages until you’ve devoured the whole book! This series will also continue with more emphasis on the supporting characters.

The third series is Dominic Powers. Her Dom and Her Dom’s Lesson are both now available. This series gives a fresh, new, and realistic look at how a Dom/sub relation-ship really is, with the addition of a few twists, turns, mystery and intrigue.

A.D. Justice has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful sons in college. She is also an avid reader of romance novels and, to her amazement, a self-published author. A.D. enjoys reading many different types of romance books – including drama and suspense, crime and mystery, NA and YA, and contemporary and erotica.

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Naughty Escapes – 11 Naughty Vacation Getaways

New Hot
Summer Read only .99 cents!
Naughty Escapes
Eleven Naughty Vacation Getaways
Authors: Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Nicole Austin, Berengaria
Brown, Lainey-Jo Charles, Suz deMello, Francesca Hawley, Regina Kammer,
Katherine Kingston, Terry Rissen, Belle Scarlett, Alexa Silver
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Naughty Escapes Anthology, a boxed set of hot short stories (5k-15k words each) by eleven traditionally published romance authors. This anthology is the summer collection of stories where each author chose an exotic  locale and set their characters off on a romantic vacation or getaway.  Eleven Naughty Vacation Getaways including BBW, BDSM, contemporary, historical, dark fantasy, M/M, ménage, paranormal & shapeshifter, from Amazon bestselling authors!
Take a naughty trip around the world with us to a penthouse playroom in San Francisco, the shore of Lake Superior, a deserted island in The Bermuda Triangle, a mob-controlled nightclub in pre-revolutionary Havana, along a river near Cambridge in England, a sex club in Paris, a nude beach in Barcelona, the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, a villa overlooking Lake Como in Italy, a honeymoon in Berlin, and a swanky condo in Zurich.
reviewers are saying:
“Sexy, steamy, sweet and positively sizzling!
Another fabulous box set from the Naughty Literati.
It’s like opening a gift box of gourmet chocolates. You don’t know what you’re
going to get, but you know it’s going to be utterly delicious!”  5 STARS
“Another hot and tasty entry. You’ll find everything
from flings to HEAs in various levels of heat and intensity. Well worth the
time, especially at the remarkable pricing.”
“Come have a Naughty Escape, one story at a time” 5
by Nicole Austin
One night at a Paris sex club—no-strings,
complications or inhibitions—just lots of fantasy sex. But in the morning I
forgot the most important rule. Never run from a feline predator—they live for
the chase.
by Charlotte
A love as old as time can sometimes lead to a future
one warrior never wanted.
by Berengaria Brown
Andrew didn’t want to spend the Fourth of July long
weekend with the people from the office so he goes to Lake Superior instead.
There he sees Luke, a blond Viking who arouses every craving for love and lust
inside him. But can he overcome his low self-esteem from when Rory rejected his
love and open his heart to another man?
by Lainey-Jo Charles
Having escaped being roped into wedding party
activities, two American strangers turn a day of sightseeing in Cambridge,
England into a series of passionate encounters.
by Suz deMello
Havana, 1958… On the eve of the revolution, journalist
Ellie Wheeler dreams of the biggest story of her life. Two hot men make all her
dreams come true—even ones she didn’t know she had.
SHAKE IT UP! By Francesca Hawley
After a mild quake in San Francisco, Allyson Rayburn
gets stuck in the same elevator as Ross Morgan, the Dom who’d been at the other
end of a flogger at a private club the night before. Her day just got
by Regina Kammer
The apartment in Zurich was supposed to be the perfect
disruption-free place to finish my dissertation. Trouble is, my room came with
a very distracting view.
by Katherine Kingston
Julie Forrester returns to Lake Como in Italy to
evaluate some paintings for a former professor–and to re-evaluate her
relationship with the man.
MOON DANCE by Terry Rissen
Christina and Will’s honeymoon in Berlin turns
potentially deadly as dark forces seek retribution for Will’s past life
actions. Can Christina save her beloved?
by Belle Scarlett
Castaway in the Bermuda Triangle, Trista finds herself
torn between two sexy shifters. Neither will share her so she must choose
between them. Decisions, decisions…
GET AWAY by Alexa Silver
A-list actor Bryson runs into a gorgeous—and very
naked—man on a Barcelona beach. Kell looks familiar but Bry can’t quite place
him. After a sexually-charged meeting, they go their separate ways, or so Bry
thinks. Fate comes knocking with an invitation to a party, and a date with
Other Books
Naughty List: Thirteen Naughty Holiday Stories:
Naughty Hearts: Twelve
Naughty Romance Stories
Naughty Flings: Twelve Naughty Little Romps
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Forever Beloved by Jessa Eden



Forever Beloved
Jessa Eden
Release Date: July 18, 2015



Marla had
betrayed me in the worst way…or so I thought. 
version of the past was unraveling, leading me to question everything I knew
about the break-up.
The only
thing I knew for sure was she was driving me crazy.
I found her maddening. Bewitching.
She was
still in my blood after all these years.
But I was
determined to resist her sweetness until I uncovered every last secret she was
hiding from me.
Beau only
knew half the secret.
The other
half could destroy him.
I knew
sooner or later he would figure out the truth and the past would be exposed for
what it really was.
betrayal of the worst kind.
I wasn’t giving up on us, though.
I still
loved him.  Utterly and completely.
Fate was
giving us another chance.
I could
feel it in my bones.
~Marla Matthews

Buy Links:

  Amazon UK





I stopped
by Scorch to check on things as they started to heat up. 
on my usual couch, I took in the pretty scenery. Lots of beauties were getting
down on the dance floor as the crowd started to thicken.  Scanning the
masses, I noticed a woman shaking her hips back and forth as she got lost in
the sensuality of the music.
My Marla
radar went off as I recognized her shape in a heartbeat.
I hadn’t
lost my ability to track her
I could
sniff her out anywhere. 
beautiful curves were one of a kind, beckoning men from miles around.
I went on
high alert as she glided across the dance floor, soaking up the rhythms of some
Rihanna song.  Her voluptuous body moved gracefully as she jammed to the
music.  My cock tightened as my mind swam with dirty, filthy thoughts.
I had
always been so hard for her. 
god-damn hard. 
I wanted
to grab her hair, pull her close and ride her until she squealed in deep
pleasure that left her panting for more. 
I had no
idea what in the hell she was doing at Scorch. Mesmerized, I watched her shake
her curvaceous hips over and over.
But I
wasn’t the only one who noticed.
attracted male attention right and left as they swarmed around her like a pack
of wolves. One young punk approached her and she ushered him forward, swaying
her hips as he stuck his leg between hers.
Son of a
bitch, she was letting him grind all up in her business. I bolted up from my
seat as rage blasted through me. 
I wasn’t
okay with another man touching her.
asshole was messing with the wrong woman.
Marla was
had been. 
would be.
Her name
coursed through my veins, like a junkie experiencing his first high. Anger
rocked through my chest, moving up to the base of my brain, igniting a
Neanderthal instinct to protect what was mine.
As I
moved toward them, things got ten times worse as the douche bag claimed her
lips in an obnoxious kiss while his hands found her luscious ass and squeezed,
pulling her tight to his crotch.
wasn’t going to fly with me. But before I got to them, Marla hauled off and
slapped him.
The guy
took it as a sign of challenge and wasn’t going to behave as he grabbed her
wrist and tried to haul her away.
Not happening.
I arrived
on the dance floor as Marla tried to pull her wrist away from her would-be
I stepped
in front of the guy, getting in his face. “Whoa buddy. Hands off,” I growled,
trying to control my temper.
“I was
here first,” he barked, as if in some universe he could claim her.
I stared
hard at the young punk. “Let go of her. I’m only going to ask once,” I snarled,
ready for battle.
I took a
menacing step forward, which made the guy flinch. He was all bark and no bite
as he released Marla. I chased him off with another confrontational step and he
high-tailed it to the bar, like a scared, little puppy.
you, Beau,” Marla offered, staring at me with relief in her doe eyes.
“I’ll be
with you in a moment,” I snapped, mad she was even there.
asshole needed to be thrown out. I signaled to one of the bouncers, pointing at
the guy. He would be banished for good.
Then, I
turned my full attention to Marla, looking too sexy in a tight pink dress that
showed off her hot body.
“I can’t
have you here, looking like this, acting like that!” I pointed towards her
dress and then the dance floor.”
Her brown
eyes went wide with shock.“What? You don’t get to tell me where I can go.”
“I can
kick you out of here!”
I’ll just go somewhere else.” She turned to walk away from me.
“Oh no,
you won’t!” I said, picking her up in a fireman’s hold and slinging her over my
shoulder with one hand. 
“Put me
down!” she demanded as her legs flailed out in front of me.
I had
always loved her curvy calves and I ran my hand along her soft skin as she
“No! I’m
not putting you down!” I yelled, carrying her towards the office in the back.
I weaved
my way through the thickening crowd as Marla continued to struggle against me.
I made it down the hall, away from prying eyes. Once we were inside the office,
I shut the door and put her down. 
are we?” she questioned sharply.
“Why do
you have an office at Scorch?” she asked, glancing around at the dark green
walls with wooden panels running along the bottom third of the paint.
I own the damn club.”
“Is there
anything you don’t own?” she shot back.
She shook
her head. “That’s not happening, Beau. You will never own me. I can’t be
you’ve made known. But I will not have the mother of my child dancing like that
in public.”
not six, anymore,” she countered.
It didn’t
matter. “I didn’t get to do this when he was six, so I’m doing it now.”
narrowed her furious gaze at me. “That doesn’t even make sense.  You’re
acting like I was some kind of neglectful mother who went out and partied all
the time and I wasn’t!”
would I know that?  You could have been fucking any Tom, Dick or Harry
walking around for all I know.”
you, then?” she zinged back. “I bet you don’t even know how many women you
fucked in the last twenty years.”
Same old
Giving as
good as she got.
God, she
made me hot.
probably right, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you need to be
fucked good.”
gasped as I bent down and claimed her mouth passionately. She fought me for a
second, but there was no denying our chemistry. I took possession of her
beautiful lips over and over as she gave in willingly. My tongue played with
hers, fucking her sweet, lush mouth.
moaned in her throat, thirsting for more as I held her close. Sucking her
bottom lip into my mouth, I slowed things down.  I wanted to extract every
last morsel of pleasure out of her. Hot damn, she felt good in my arms.
she pulled back, her glance soft. “Do you remember how good it was between us?”
she asked, her doe eyes filling with a vulnerability I didn’t want to
I wasn’t
about to confess I remembered every moment I spent with her. “You know…it’s a
blur.  We happened a long time ago.”
what do you remember?” she asked as I ran my hand down her side.
“How good
the sex was,” I murmured hotly against her ear before turning her backside
against my body.
Her hands
clutched at my thighs, wanting what I was offering. I pushed her up against the
door, lining my swollen cock up with her ass.
“Do you
remember that?”
she gasped as she arched her back, shooting her bottom into me.
We both
groaned as I went from hard to steel in an instant. My blood roared with the
need to take her with the same intensity I had in high school.
I sniffed her hair, lime and coconut this time. “Why can’t I let
you go?” I breathed against her ear.


Over the last
couple of years, writing has become a passion of mine. I pour my heart into
each one of my stories, letting my characters go wherever they dare to venture.
They often surprise and amuse me. I revel in exploring the human condition
through the art of storytelling.


Nothing gives me more pleasure than drawing you into a world of emotional
connection, compelling characters and hopeful adventure, complete with sizzle
and sensuality. My goal is to leave you breathless and panting for more…



Club Ecstasy by T. Renee Fike



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**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+**

Linley, a hardworking and independent woman, has the world at her feet, yet still feels like she’s missing something. When her best friend introduces her to a world she misses, she can’t help but feel excited and enlightened.

But will it be everything she expects?

Damon, the boss and jerk, is the man who controls how Linley’s life will progress at work. When she learns something about him, will she be able to move forward with the knowing information or will it completely change her world?

Kamden is there to help and talk, he’s a friend, a confidant and someone who Linley can trust…but can he trust her? Is he the man that Linley thinks he is or a man who has secrets of his own?

Will Linley be able to decide who and what she wants or will her actions have serious consequences, changing the paths of all three of their lives?

Find out in Club Ecstasy!


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The love triangle between Linley, Damon, and Kamden continues…

Will Linley be able to decide which man she wants or will they make the choice for her?

The roller coaster of emotions that Linley now has to face, once finding out her boss isn’t at all the man she thought he was. Can she move forward with her personal life, with her career, or will everything begin to crumble right before her eyes?

Will Kamden be the man she can believe in and trust or will Linley be the one to disappoint everyone around her?

With secrets, lies and getting caught, these three will go through a rough ride, but who will end up on top?

**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+**


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**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+**

The conclusion to the love triangle with Linley, Damon, and Kamden reaches its breaking point as the story evolves.

Linley finally feels she knows who she wants and proves to be with the man she loves. She’s destined to be with him, but how will outside forces feel when everything changes?

Will her best friend be able to guide her and support her with the decisions she’s made? Can Linley live with her own choices knowing that things aren’t at all as they appear to be?

Who steps up and proves to be the man of their word Kamden or Damon?

Will there be the happily ever after that Linley has always dreamed or
will she be crushed by the two men she always thought had her best interests in mind?


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About the author


T. Renee Fike was born and raised in Pennsylvania. When she’s not writing, she’s either working a full-time day job, or pursuing her Master’s degree. Aside from work and school, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading a good book, watching football, (GO EAGLES) or hanging out with her nieces and nephew.

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Amanda’s Assignment by Dylan Cross

Amanda’s Assignment

The official cover for Amanda's Assignment.The official cover for Amanda’s Assignment.

CAUTION: Amanda’s Assignment is erotic literature. As such, graphics and verbiage in this reveal may be explicit in nature.


Whenever Amanda’s husband Mark goes out of town, it’s playtime for his best friend. Ever since Craig caught Amanda in a compromising situation with the cable guy, he’s had his way with her.

Mark has exciting news. He’s being considered for a promotion, which will involve less travel time–and, thus, an end to Craig’s play. All Mark has to do is interview and hire a replacement for his position.

Craig explains to Amanda that this just won’t do. Her mission: to find each candidate and prevent them from keeping their appointments–if Mark can’t be promoted, he can’t be replaced. For this assignment, Amanda will need creativity, intuition–and, a generous helping of doing what she does best…

Author's Summary

This is the third installment in the Amanda series. Our heroine, a full-figured and sexy redhead, is still being blackmailed by her husband’s best friend. Amanda is, for all intents and purposes, Craig’s sex slave. But Craig doesn’t draw the line at using Amanda for his own enjoyment–often, he shares her with friends or even total strangers. For Amanda, it’s a constant internal conflict. She tries to ease her conscience by reminding herself that she’s an unwilling participant. But, more often than not, she catches herself enjoying the pleasure or torment that’s being heaped upon her. This leads to guilt–her husband Mark is completely oblivious to her raunchy adventures. Frequently, he’s away on business travel, and often feels remorseful at the thought of his innocent, loyal wife sitting at home waiting for him.

In “Amanda’s Assignment,” Mark is one step away from securing a promotion that will change everything. No more travel! It will almost certainly put a damper on Amanda and Craig’s “playtime.” This just won’t do. Craig devises a desperate plan: if Mark’s company doesn’t find a replacement, he can’t be promoted. Amanda’s mission, should she choose to accept it (as if she has a choice in the matter): to seek out each and every interview candidate and derail the meeting with Mark. She’ll have to act quickly, and think outside the box–and, Craig has instructed her to use any means necessary to convince the candidates. The result: a day filled with wild, depraved and raunchy adventure for our curvy housewife!

Unlike Amanda’s prior misadventures, she won’t be solely submissive this time around. We’ll get to see her take charge, doing what’s necessary to successfully complete her “assignment.” And, she might even sneak in an orgasm or two when we’re not looking…

Coming August 6!

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The Amanda Series:

Amanda’s Descent

Road Trip (included in Crossroads)

Amanda’s Assignment

Amanda’s Birthday Party (coming winter 2015)

About the Author:

Dylan Cross is an author of darker erotica, including titles such as Back to School and Crossroads. He is a US Marine, a software developer and founder of the Erotic Authors Guild.

When not writing, Dylan enjoys football, grilling, Netflix and flavored vodka. He resides in suburban Chicago with his wife and cat.

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