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Accidental Submission

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Book: Accidental Submission
Author: K A Sheldon
Genre:Erotic Romance
Hosted By:Francessca’s Romance Reviews


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I am a newly collared sub, but I haven’t always been this way. I started off just like you, a normal girl going through life however I wanted, but one chance encounter, one curiosity led decision, changed my life forever, and not in a bad way.

They say curiosity killed the cat but in my case, curiosity freed my mind and found me my sole purpose. It found me my Master.

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About The Author

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I am a passionate reader and love all forms of fiction and some non fiction stories. Recently I discovered that there were little people inside my head that were telling me a story that I really felt needed to be shared so I decided to attempt to write it all down and share it with others.

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Accidental Submission by K.A. Sheldon