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Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series. To learn more about her upcoming projects, visit her at:, and you can connect with her on: &





Tessa longs for freedom…

A touch. That’s all it takes for Tessa to know her future with a boy. Her mom tells her she needs to choose her best option before she turns seventeen. Problem is, she sees all her ‘options’ dying before they turn thirty. That may have worked fro the last fourteen generations of women in her family tree, but Tessa can’t choose and condemn someone to an early grave.

An unfortunate incident at Tessa’s school starts a chain of events that reveals Morik, a centuries old chaos demon, and a chance to remove her ‘gift’ forever.

Morik won’t stop looking for her…

Hidden from the world, he has waited for his chance. Desperate for a purpose, he struck a deal. The time has come to collect.

Will Tessa run or will she stand before Morik as her ancestors failed to do?


Three stories that show the light of dark of each heroines struggles.

Reap the Shadow, Slay the Light

I don’t know what I am, but I’m not human…and neither are the creatures that killed my mom. Running will only carry me so far because there’s a darkness within me, ready to destroy me, and a burning light, begging for escape. It’s the light that screams to my pursuers and works them into a frenzy. Though the darkness might kill me, releasing the light might kill us all…

Mature YA Paranormal Romance (due to some violence)

WarWolf: Half breed

Ema fights to suppress her werewolf emotions and deny her warlock powers. It isn’t easy being a half-breed, but she is determined to slide through life unnoticed by either group. When the warlock leaders team up with humans to force paranormal registration, Ema believes she must choose between her two unwanted worlds. An unexpected companion shows her not all emotions are bad, and power has its benefits.

New Adult Paranormal Sweet Romance


“Werewolves are real but the legends are wrong…”
It’s the secret Gillian’s father has tried to keep from her and the reason he’s so overprotective. But, he goes too far when he exiles Gillian to a house in the middle of nowhere. Her new landlord, Racer, is more like a cute jailer who has strict orders to keep her safely trapped.
Battle lines between independence and obligation are drawn as Gillian decides just how far she’s willing to go to win back her freedom. And Racer needs to decide what he’s willing to endure to keep her close.

New Adult Paranormal Sweet Romance