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My Review – Asher (Inked Brotherhood Book 1) by Jo Raven

Asher (Inked Brotherhood, #1)Asher by Jo Raven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bad boys to love! A beautiful story. A MUST READ!!!!

Asher (Inked Brotherhood Book 1)

A group of friends, 5 young men and 5 young women; bound together by their friendship, love and suffering. They have flaws and are broken. Book 1 introduces us to Asher and Audrey. They used to be best friends; he was her first kiss and then he turned his back on her and broke her heart. Tragedy strikes and Audrey moves away, returning after 3 years. Time and distance should ease feelings and desires; Audrey soon finds out that is not the case.

Asher covers up his suffering with the bad boy persona, but that is only his way of dealing with the abuse. Deep down he is still that boy Audrey kissed. When Audrey comes back they slowly work their way back to each other. It’s not an easy path and there will be moments of anxiety.

Jo Raven has written a beautiful and real story. It is a heart wrenching story full of hope. The writing flows nicely and draws you in. The other characters are introduced, giving us a glimpse of their stories to come.

Buy this book today, you will fall in love with the Inked Brotherhood and hold them in your heart.

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MY REVIEW – Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson



Wicked Innocence

This is the love story of Micah and Saxon. Micah had no choice but to take her life into her own hands at the age of 14, she had no one to guide her, comfort her or protect her. She made the decision to become an adult and save herself. She had no choice; she had to grow up fast. Music was her life and the one dream she wanted to make reality. Saxon Waite had everything, came from a wealthy family and he made it big as a rock star at a young age. It was too much for him to handle, he threw it all away. He lives with the guilt and pain of the destruction he caused. Micah and Saxon are both good-hearted and strong. Harry, Saxon’s cousin begrudges Sax’s fame and resents him; he adds fuel to the fire. Music brings them together, the common denominator.

The elephant in the room is Micah’s age, we the readers are aware of this from the beginning; just Micah and us, not even her best friend knows. How it comes to light in the story is very interesting, which gives us a peek at a piece of her past. The reasons why she lies about her age and her maturity had me cheering for her and I couldn’t blame her. Needless to say Saxon doesn’t take it very well. The battle between Saxon and Harry erupts around the same time, and Saxon is left a broken man, physically and emotionally. Decisions must be made.

This is one of those stories you don’t want to put down until you finish. Missy Johnson takes us through this beautiful story, with great characters; just the right amount of angst and without dragging or extending the drama. I loved the pace at which the story evolves. My heart was tugged a few times and some tears rolled down my face. Will we be getting more of Saxon Waite in the future?

Maria Rosie Poli – Rosie’s Book Heaven

My Review – My Take – My View

This is a beautiful short story. I won’t tell you what it’s about, the blurb will give you an idea.It’s a nice quick read for an afternoon delight. Two people finding each other and making decisions from the heart. True love will wait forever. Reed Adler is hot and the kind of boyfriend we all want. Enjoy!!

Intimate Inspection

Allyson Whitney has spent the past several days seeing to the myriad details of her client’s destination wedding. Yet another blissful beginning to someone else’s love-filled life and a poignant reminder of what is no longer in hers.

But Allyson hits a major delay on her trip home in the arms of a hot, sexy security agent named Reed Adler. A routine pass through airport security turns into an afternoon of exquisite ecstasy. One that might even change the course of her life.

A sizzling romp designed for mature readers over 18 due to sexual content.




AMAZON: Braided Strings



CARA WYATT fell in love with her best friend.

She’d been afraid to share her feelings with him, until one day, when an impulsive decision gave them the opportunity at a relationship that they’d been denying for years…

DELANEY BLAKE was in love with Cara from the moment he met her.

He knew she relied on him, but Cara didn’t realize he relied on her just as much. However, he had plans. A strict outline of what his future should be, and he was determined to make them happen.

When Delaney was faced with having to choose between her and his future, he panicked, and Cara pushed him away believing it was better than facing potential rejection.

More than a year later, she has to risk facing that rejection, and even worse, anger for the SECRETS she kept from him when it all fell apart…
Braided Strings promo




This was my Mother’s Day read and I just finished it this afternoon; I loved it. Delaney is strong, confident, loving and very sweet. Cara has insecurities; Delaney is her best friend and the only person that truly knows her. Two people who love each other but they are the last to realize how much. Braided Strings is a beautiful love story. Delaney & Cara were best friends and one night they part. Delaney has his future all planned out and Cara feels she is not part of that future. Until a life changing event brings them together again and they both realize that everything they need and want has been there all the time. This beautiful love story will pull at your heart. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

Night After Night (Seductive Nights, #1)Night After Night by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“It was all she could say. All she could manage. She shouted ‘yes’ over and over as he pounded into her, taking her body, taking it back for him, claiming her with hard, rough, f_ _ _ _ing she wanted……

This is just a snippet of the sex between Clay & Julia. It is always, hot, wild, soft, exciting, amazing, new and raw, IT’S EVERYTHING. Clay & Julia are one of those couples that stays with me long after I’ve read a book. I feel for them, Lauren Blakely makes them come off the pages and right into your heart. The emotions and the feelings are so real that I cried, my heart was pulled in.

I love that Julia is not a weak woman, she is strong, smart, independent, very sexual and dominant. I love even more that Clay is strong, controlling, very sexual, and dominant. But he also has a good heart and is confident. Confident enough to walk away from what he wants, because he will not accept lying. But, oh what I love the most is the way they talk to each other, the sex talk and the kink, the way they feel about each other. It’s loving and it’s raunchy.

Loved Night After Night and I am anxiously waiting for After This Night.

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