Cover Reveal-Unexpected Changes

Unexpected Changes
Book 2 Chances Series
AM Willard
Unexpected Changes Blurb
It’s time for a change; just as
with every season you have to dig deep within to find new color. When you think
your world has turned black and grey, you search for a solution to bring light
back. In this case for Tabitha, it’s Carter Northwood and him Tabitha.
The only problem is the tangled
web of lies that have grown deep into Carter’s veins. He’s set out to find
answers, but knows some lives will never be the same once revealed.
Who will get hurt in the process?
As Tabitha’s recovers from being
shattered again, she’s forced to watch from the sidelines while others move
On a mission to make a new life
for herself, she’s not only barricaded her heart, but world. Is it too late to
reconcile a love that you thought was present?
Can two people look past the evil
to find the good that’s standing right in front of them?
Is love really strong enough to
heal the broken?
Is trust handed back to the one
your soul screams for? 



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