The Lilith Scroll by BL Marsh

Character Spotlight: Abbaddon



Abbaddon waved his palm over the stones.
“Ostende te ad me!” His voice commanded.
The stones seemed to resist his command, shaking as if they would break apart in any moment. Slowly but surely, the stones began to glow in the ancient script of the heavens. Line upon line scrolling around the stone in an intricate knot pattern spoke of what Adra said. The author of the carvings indeed told of a creation of beings called the Annakim. Creatures of the most elegant beauty and purity who were cursed to crave the lives of Others, but were not allowed to touch or be touched by any person or being without dying themselves. Each one was bound to live eternally, but could only marry another race. It was the very definition of a conudruum. How were they to marry if they could touch anyone? How were they to satisfy their hunger if they could touch life without agony?
“These are not my words. I am not this cruel. You must believe me, Adra. I would never curse a race in this manner.” Adra had walked away while he was reading the stones. She didn’t want to see the look on his face if it was true.
“Have you read them all?” She whispered.
He turned back to the stone on the right. The one with the giant orb of the stars upon it. His breath caught as he read, what he already suspected to be true.
And the Annakim will be damned until the Destroyer wakes and fulfills his purpose of eradicating them. For he made them out of haste and will remove them to bring balance to the universe.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” He cried out to the heavens.
“Every action has a consequence. You stole that which was not yours. You created this flawed world, and me and my people. I was destined to save you, so that you may kill me. You have only had a few moments to prepare for this. I have had my entire life and so have my people. But I beg you. Please be swift. Do not drag out our suffering. We have suffered enough. Not all of us are immortal.” Adra spoke elegantly, letting the tears silently stream down her cheek.
“There has to be another way. I did not decree this. I would never do this to you! I will not kill you!” Abbaddon was panicking. The thunder was growing closer. As the first rain drops fell he knew what must be done. Never had it been attempted before. No one had written or prophesied about the Destroyer giving up his life for another. Why would he destroy himself? He didn’t think it could even be done, but he would do anything for the woman standing before him. She was his redemption.





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