One Week of Summer by Amber Rides

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One Week of Summer: A Novel

With no mother she can remember, a father lost years ago, and a beloved grandmother gone too, Maggie Mooreland knows the meaning of the word like no other.

By age fourteen, she was labeled as such by her peers. And she couldn’t fight it. Or even deny it. By seventeen, she might as well have had it tattooed on her forehead.

Even now that she is eighteen, and officially an adult, it’s still a foreign concept. An ideal never to be realized. Something for others to have and for Maggie to envy.

Until she meets him. Theodore Kimball (Teekay) Marcus. He’s wild and spontaneous and gorgeous and the heir to a real estate fortune. He knows what he wants and he takes it. And remarkably, incredibly – he sees Maggie as more than just the sum of her past.

But it’s not going to be easy.

Teekay has them. Maggie knows it. And they’re like an unhealed wound, waiting to be bumped in just the wrong way so they can bleed all over again.
He’s hiding something that can hurt her.
He’s hiding something that’s already hurting himself.
And Maggie is terrified that this is the beginning of the end.

A lot can happen in seven days. But will it be long enough to heal their hearts and their minds? Or will it tear them both apart?


He kissed me with a hunger that took my breath away.
He was holding back before, I realized.
He held my hair and gripped my rear end and moved his hips in a slow circle that made me pant.
He sucked my bottom lip. Hard.
Then he let me go and spoke gruffly against my mouth. “Make me another promise, Maggie.”
I nodded because there was no chance of forming a string of words into a coherent sentence.
“Never. Ever. Be sorry for wanting something. Especially if that something is me.” He ran his thumb over my swollen lips, then pulled me to a sitting position. “Now let’s get out of here so I can kiss you properly.”
My heart hammered in my chest at the thought that there was a way to kiss someone any more properly than how he’d just done to me.

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