I am writing a piece on seduction and will share with you when I am done. This is my first attempt at writing anything, other than those old college papers I wrote a long time ago. Those were about business and marketing plans.

I believe seduction comes in different ways. My husband and I seduced each other over the phone, 35 years ago. I want you to share how you have experienced seduction. Did you give in to it? How have you been seduced? Or did you do the seducing? What does seduction mean to you? It can be just one word, a sentence, a person, a book, an act….feel free to share, be creative, be yourself.

One of my Facebook Blog follower wrote:

Seduction can mean a variety of things. It can mean that you’re persuading someone to sin; it can mean you’re persuading someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do; it can mean you succeed in getting them to show you them at their most vulnerable and intimate. I think it just has a different meaning for everyone.

Is this picture seductive? Is it the color red? The woman’s pose? The skin showing?



Can food be seductive?




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