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Honey Girl by Juliette Jones

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Honey Girl By Juliette Jones


Honey Girl by Juliette Jones



Alexander Wolfe is a billionaire whose priorities used to include work, money and total control. No longer. He now has only one obsession: his beautiful new fiancée Lila, whose combined innocence and sultry femininity drive him to the brink. Their attraction began as an uncontrollable lust and has bloomed into an all-encompassing love affair that awes them both. If Alexander could have it his way, he would confine Lila to his private penthouse and bask in the glow of her sensual charms day and night.

But when reality forces its way into Alexander and Lila’s private world in the form of Alexander’s supermodel ex-girlfriend, Alexander’s brother Jake’s impending prison sentence, and a very persistent work colleague of Alexander’s – who just happened to be present at a recent wild night of poker that got a little out of control – things get complicated.

Will the drama drive them apart, or is Alexander and Lila’s love strong enough to get them to the altar?

HONEY GIRL is the second book in the BILLIONAIRE series (and can also stand alone).


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HONEY GIRL by Juliette Jones (Chapter 1)


He laid next to me, still asleep. His black hair was all askew, framing his face in artful, silky disarray. The cinnamon skin of his brawny shoulders looked dark, as always, next to my pale curves. He laid on his stomach, his face turned towards me, his muscular arm curled around a pillow. His full lips were barely parted, his face peaceful. He looked young in his sleep. Relaxed. That visceral, male aggression that clung to him softened when he slept, but the innate arrogance was somehow still there. In the curve of his mouth. In his strong features and the dark stripes of his eyebrows. I watched him sleep for a few minutes, fascinated by his mesmerizing flawlessness. He was astoundingly beautiful.

He had the build of an athlete. Tall and toned with graceful bones. Powerful, with the kind of strength that draws your eye and makes you aware of it. Of how easily it would be for him to use it. On you. Of how brutal he could be when he drove his immense, thick, hard-as-stone cock deep into you, forcing wave after wave of raw, lustrous pleasure.

I could have touched him, with feather-light strokes across his shoulders. Down his back. I could have rubbed myself against him and kissed his perfect lips, licking him, tasting the minted, drugging flavor of him. I knew he’d be instantly ready for me.

Alexander was always ready.

But today was the day I was starting my new job. As Alexander’s assistant.

Not as his assistant, I reminded myself. As his business partner.

This whirlwind romance had not only landed me a gorgeous sex-god of a fiancé, it had also placed me at the right hand of one of the most powerful CEOs in New York City: founder, owner and mastermind of Wolfe Enterprises. Alexander was the executive of the esteemed and hugely successful magazine Skyscraper. He also owned two major book publishers and ran several investment companies, hedge funds, and a number of cash cow Internet businesses.

He was a type-A genius with a dark side and a voracious carnal appetite. Which he took out on me whenever he got the opportunity. Which was, it had to be said … often.

It was Monday morning. Early. Earlier than we usually woke. We’d become night owls, the two of us. Darkness was our erotic haven, where we could exist only for each other.

I didn’t regret a single decision. Of course I didn’t. But sometimes when I stopped to think about things, like now, in the quiet of a purple-skied dawn, I almost felt a sense of vertigo from the gargantuan shift my life had taken over the course of exactly two months.

Two months.

Two months ago, I’d been a capable yet fumbling, unemployed, broke, virginal recent-graduate who dressed in baggy clothes, wore unfashionable glasses, had a bad haircut and who preferred to keep all members of the opposite sex at arm’s length. And now? Well, times had most definitely changed. At least when it came to one particular member of the opposite sex.

I lay in the semi-darkness and took in my surroundings. The heavy, decorative drapes that framed Alexander’s – our – bedroom windows were never drawn. We were too high up to be visible to the mortals down below. Our view overlooked the distant streets, the treetops of Central Park, the gritty, graceful skyline of some of New York’s most expensive real estate. It was early October and the deep indigo of the city night hung on. The quiet, expansive room hummed with plush, cocooned luxury. Alexander’s bed was huge, swathed in expensive cotton and silk, most of which had been displaced and/or rumpled by our lovemaking.

At this, I’d proven a prodigy. Whoever thought virgins took things slow once they finally got going at the advanced age of twenty … well, they hadn’t put me in a locked room with Alexander Wolfe. It had taken all of thirty minutes for us to get not only intimate but downright feral. There had been a desperation to it that I still couldn’t explain.  Physically, we were like magnets. Greedy, super strength magnets who had no choice or control. None of it made sense, really. That we’d been willing to risk everything to get as close as humanly possible from that very first encounter – and every encounter since. Who does that? What highly educated, soon-to-be professional, modern woman throws all – and I mean all – caution to the wind just to get down and dirty with a ridiculously sexy, overconfident billionaire?

This one, apparently.

He was my drug and my addiction. With him, lines became skewed and normal considerations simply did not apply. To not get close to him proved impossible. To not want to get close to him seemed insane.


My lover. My devil and my saint. My strength and my weakness.

My fiancé.

Beautiful, crazy Alexander. All mine.


HoneyAbout Juliette

Juliette Jones is the author of BILLIONAIRE, HONEY GIRL and WILD RIDE. She lives in New York City.




Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

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Wild Ride by Juliette Jones

February 21, 2014

images wildride synopsis

For Lacey Callihan, things couldn’t get much worse. She’s working a dead-end job, living with a dead-end boyfriend and stuck in a dead-end town. When Lacey’s boyfriend steals her life savings and hits her for questioning him, it’s the last straw. She skips town in her rust-heap of a car – which she can only pray will get her as far as Texas. And it does. Spluttering to a final stop just as she crosses the border. But when two ultra-hot cowboys pull up in their convertible red Mustang and offer her a ride, Lacey has a feeling her luck is about to change…

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Wildride fun facts

1. Lacey Callihan has never had an orgasm … but her luck’s about to change.

2. Lacey had never tasted whiskey before she buys herself a bottle for her twenty-first birthday. It turns out whiskey makes her reckless, brave and extremely uninhibited.

3. Nate and Riley Walker were both first-string quarterbacks in their Sugar Land high school.

4. The luxury hotel in Dallas has a rooftop pool … and a door that locks.

5. Lacey never does make it to Austin. Some offers are just too good to refuse.

wildride about author

Juliette Jones is the author of BILLIONAIRE and WILD RIDE. She has worked as an editor, a librarian and the administrative assistant of a hot billionaire. She lives in New York City.

wildride author links

Website- www.juliettejones.wordpress.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/juliettejonesbooks

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/juliettebillion

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7046870.Juliette_Jones

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/juliettebillion

Tumblr – http://juliettebillion.tumblr.com/

Amazon Author Page- http://www.amazon.com/Juliette-Jones/e/B00D69D9ZU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

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Juliette Jones – Billionaire Giveaway

Juliette Jones – Billionaire Giveaway




BILLIONAIRE by Juliette Jones
Publication Date:December 20, 2013



Lila Carmichael is a good girl, a high-achieving academic, punctual to a fault, unfailingly conscientious – and embarrassingly inexperienced. After graduating from Princeton, Lila moves to New York City and begins her job search. Innocent and naïve, she is swept away by an uncharacteristic bloom of total abandon as soon as she meets the tall, dark-eyed CEO of Wolfe Enterprises. Under Alexander’s potent influence, Lila is thoroughly transformed from demure virgin to lusty goddess in just two days. Given her upbringing, it’s only natural that Lila would be attracted to such a pinnacle of stability, but as emotion and lust entwine, she begins to question the motives behind her covetous, hedonistic desires.

Alexander Wolfe needs a new assistant to help him run his publishing empire. One résumé in particular catches his eye and he decides to interview the candidate one-on-one in his private penthouse office. When a green-eyed goddess walks in, Alexander, for the first time in his life, finds himself powerless to resist. The difficulties of his past ensure that his protective instincts are fiercely attuned, and Lila’s vulnerabilities, combined with her nubile body and voracious new appetites, only succeed in ensnaring Alexander past the point of no return.

Set in New York and Paris, Lila and Alexander’s connection is a whirlwind of lust, love, jealousy and obsession. Will they find their happy ever after?


BILLIONAIRE (Complete Book) is approximately 310 pages. It is a serialized eBook originally published as a series of chapters; It contains adult themes, strong language and sexual situations, and is intended for adult readers.










Billionaire Funfacts

1. Alexander never had sex without a condom until approximately twenty minutes after he meets Lila.

2. Lila graduated from Princeton in three years with a 4.0 GPA. This is not obvious during her job interview 🙂

3. Lila ran away from home when she was ten years old. Alexander’s past is equally dark. Instant, white-hot lust draws them together but it’s their damages that bind them.

4. When Alexander first takes Lila shopping at Barneys, the total cost of her new clothes, boots and jackets (unbeknownst to Lila) was $78,000.

5. Alexander is a talented surfer.

6. Alexander’s favorite band is the Rolling Stones. He also likes Mozart.

7. On poker night, Alexander wins more than $350,000. Lila’s jackpot that particular night is more … physical in nature 🙂

8. Alexander owns the New York City skyscraper he lives in. He also owns two Maseratis, two limos, a Maybach, a Ferrari, a Ducati, two Lamborghinis, a yacht and a Gulfstream jet. Aside from his Fifth Avenue penthouse, his other residences include a hotel in Paris (where he takes Lila), a mansion in the Hamptons, an island in Maine, spacious studio in Key West, a beachfront condo in Hawaii, a city block in Houston and a bungalow in Malibu with a 12-acre vineyard and a view of the ocean.

9. Alexander’s brother Jake is guilty of insider trading and his favorite food is apple pie. These details will become relevant in the next book(s) [Jake will also get his own book (BADBOY, Billionaire #3).

10. The ring Alexander buys for Lila costs one million dollars. He buys it at Tiffany & Co.

about author

Juliette Jones is the author of BILLIONAIRE and WILD RIDE. She has worked as an editor, a librarian and the administrative assistant of a hot billionaire. She lives in New York City.


Author Links

Website- www.juliettejones.wordpress.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/juliettejonesbooks

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/juliettebillion

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7046870.Juliette_Jones

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/juliettebillion

Tumblr: http://juliettebillion.tumblr.com/

Amazon Author Page- http://www.amazon.com/Juliette-Jones/e/B00D69D9ZU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1