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Nate and Tory (Soul Mates 101, #5) by Scarlet Wolfe





In the fifth book to the Soul Mates 101 series, one devastating night changes the group of Nashville friends forever. The event causes Tory to make a decision that leaves her and Nate brokenhearted.

Walking away from college, he goes on the road with his brother, Dylan, to support him while he plays guitar for a legendary band. The brothers soon form their own, and fame hits them hard and fast. To complete a personal project, Tory must go on the band’s next tour, and Nate believes it is his shot at getting back the love of his life.

A brand-new romance blossoms, but guilt hinders it, leaving someone in the group fighting for love yet again. Issues come to a head, and emotions from several in their circle collide. Forgiveness and acceptance amongst the group become the necessary factors for their friendships to deepen and for love to flourish. Can the group find peace in themselves and each other, or will loyalty and guilt divide them?


NATE AND TORY (SoulMates 101, #5)


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Tory’s POV:

My breathing halts, and I feel like I can’t move, so to escape, my eyes find the floor.

“Why? No, don’t answer that. It’s not any of my business.”

Nate creeps toward me, and once I’m peering at his shoes, I’m forced to look up. His hair has

darkened and is longer than I remember. Chest and arm muscles are cut to perfection from

drumming, and he smells like my sweet Nate.

Yummy. Sexy. Yes, yummy and sexy.

I inhale a long breath as I stare at his brown irises that shine like copper. No, I said it would be

over if I gazed into those magnetic eyes. My head drops again, but two fingers are soon lifting

my chin.

“It’s every bit your business, Tory Page.”

“Why is that?”

Nate’s other hand glides down the back of my hair.

“How can you not feel it, angel-face? I still love you.” He eyes my lips as if he’s desperate to taste them. Shit, he’s going to kiss me.




Nate and Tory Teaser6

Nate and Tory Teaser Evan and Jules

Nate and Tory Teaser




Scarlet Wolfe began writing in January of 2013 as a way to distract and heal from some of the grief she was dealing with after the death of her teenage son.

She instantly fell in love with bringing characters to life. Releasing contemporary romance throughout 2013, she has already branched out this year, releasing erotica and teen.

She loves her family, friends, chocolate, wine, stories about possessive, hot alpha males, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. 😉

She hopes her writing will encourage readers to feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality.




Scarlet Links

Website – http://www.scarletwolfe.com/

Facebook- https:// www.facebook.com/ScarletWolfe

Twitter- https://twitter.com/authorscarlet


Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Scarlet-Wolfe/e/B00EFYUN7W/

Scarlet’s Books she has https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/7104232.Scarlet_Wolfe