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Maria’s Review of Teased by S. J. Sawyer

Teased (Sealed, #2)Teased by S.J. Sawyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently in a book funk. I finished reading Teased. Trevor Rossi has captured my heart and has left me stunned staring into space, with my mouth open, heart beating fast and tears down my face. This story took me in with the charming and hot awesomeness that is Trevor. Then it further pulled me in with the beautiful romance of Trevor and Drew; the only woman that was able to capture his heart. They meet, their relationship blossoms, I felt all giddy and happy. Just when I thought the ending was going to be a big resounding “YES” from Drew…I had to fasten my seat belt (so I wouldn’t jump out of my chair) and held on to my Kindle (I wanted to throw it against the wall). I was taken for a ride; a fast rough, hard ride. I did not see it coming and it hit me hard. I was screaming “NO!!! It cannot be!!” But, yes S.J. Sawyer did it, she took me there. I love Trevor and I will not give up on him!! This is a good read and a beautiful story with a tough ending. I am holding on waiting……

“I know you, Trevor, though. When life is too much, you need to numb all those pesky feelings.”

S.J. Sawyer

Teased (Sealed, #2) by S.J. Sawyer

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